1. A Three-Hour Glamour Makeover ($125):

This includes a digital shoot of you as you go through three different changes. I have many wigs, wardrobes & accessories where we can put together different looks that are just right for you. We can use my digital camera (bring a compatible SD card), or bring your own digital camera. You learn how to put on your makeup and take it off properly (and completely). You learn modeling tips and feminine mannerisms. You'll also learn about color schemes for your clothing and makeup. It’s a lot of fun and you may arrive and depart in your feminine clothing if you like.

2. Overnight Makeover ($200):

Arrival time is 4:00 PM. An overnight visit to my studio/apartment gives you a 3 hour makeover plus unlimited access to my extensive wardrobe, wigs and accessories. After your makeover, spend as much time as you like trying on anything that strikes your fancy from my wardrobe selections. You may also use your own camera (tripod supplied), to take pictures after I retire. The possibilities are endless for those who choose this option. Check out time for the overnight makeover is 11AM the next morning.

3. Extreme Weekend Makeover ($500):

Arrival time is 3:00PM the first day. During the extreme makeover, we have more time to create a custom visit around your feminization fantasy. The hours can be arranged to suit your schedule, and as with all my makeovers, you may arrive and leave dressed. You will always be private and safe here. The makeover starts on the first day at 3 PM (all times are adjustable), we do a glamour makeover, then if you like, we can go out to dinner with you in your new look, or we can stay "home" that night doing mostly photos and outfit changes.


The next day starts at 10:00 AM with a makeup lesson and makeover, then its out to lunch, sightseeing, shopping, or anything else that you would like to do dressed (your choice) - then its back "home" for another "freshen up" makeover and change of clothes before going out to dinner at one of the CD friendly restaurants nearby. Remember, feel free to ask if there's something special that you would like to do during your stay here.


For those of you who, for some personal reason, choose to stay privately dressed in the safety of my studio/apartment during the entire Extreme Experience, that is certainly O.K. - we can stay fun focused right in the studio! The third day is just a checking out day, by 11:am, please.




Although there is a fully functioning kitchen for your use in my studio/apartment, there are no foodstuffs provided fro ANY of my makeovers. If you chose to stay IN for the Extreme Makeover, there are grocery stores, fast food, and many restaurants nearby. My clients have no problem getting the food they need during their visit with me.


You are welcome to bring any of your personal clothing or accessories to wear or use during one of my makeovers. I welcome anything you bring and will be glad to critique any of your outfits, if you like.


I work alone. During any of my makeovers you will be getting my undivided attention. If you want a salon experience, I can provide that a a nearby nail salon. Otherwise, I use KISS preglued fingernails. If you want those, you must bring them. You will find them at any local drug store. Also, if you want hose, please bring a pair of pantyhose (or hosiery of your preference), in black or nude (or both for more choices). I furnish everything else for the makeover. If you bring your own makeup, I can critique that as well.


There are no services provided on check out days.


For those of you who would rather stay at a motel instead of my studio, there is every major hotel chain within 15 minutes of my studio. Just pull up McDonough, Ga on Google maps and you have your choice. There are numerous motels off of highway 155 and that is a straight shot to my place. (I am off of Hwy 155)


I accept ONLY cash for any of my services. Please comply with that. Thanks.

Any outside expenses that are incurred during a night or day outing are the responsibility of the client.


Feel free to call me on my studio phone, 770-914-3121, Between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00 PM EST, seven days per week. If I miss your call, please call back as many times as it takes to reach me! Or you can leave your name and number and a time when I may return your call.


Here are some of the ways I can assist you:


I will teach you I provide
• Buying the Right Wig
• Clothing Selection
• Makeup Application
• Undergarment Selection
• Proper Accessorizing
• Walking in heels
• Your Feminine Voice & Mannerisms
• Wardrobe and shoes
• Wigs
• Makeup
• Accessories
• Coaching
• Confidentiality
• Your digital photos

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